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Local Company Highlights the Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll Functions

Reliant Payroll Services, a local payroll service company based in Lafayette, LA, is sharing five reasons small businesses can benefit from outsourcing their payroll functions. As the go-to payroll solution provider in the area, the team has the experience to recommend smart solutions. Outsourcing payroll functions makes sense for entrepreneurs in the Acadiana area. 

  1. By outsourcing payroll functions, small business owners can ensure compliance with tax regulations. Tax regulations are complicated, and even a slight change in the tax code may have a massive impact on a small business. Managing a business and also staying current on these laws is virtually impossible for one person. Outsourcing payroll and HR to an expert like Reliant Payroll Services is a sensible solution. The staff can craft a well-designed and properly managed payroll infrastructure that ensures compliance with ever-changing regulations. 
  1. Outsourced payroll services are not only efficient, but they are also affordable. With payroll outsourced, small business owners can achieve peace of mind and focus on their business with relatively little expense. Reliant is a local Lafayette business that understands the economic realities of the region.
  1. An effective payroll service improves employee recruitment and retention. Employees are interested in everything related to their paycheck, including wage calculations, tax deductions, and benefit calculations. Outsourced payroll services can provide added benefits such as time tracking, online check stubs, and apps where employees can see payment information. Small businesses that properly manage their payroll attract the attention of potential employees. Should an issue arise, Reliant, being a locally owned and operated business, can immediately address the matter. And, if needed, they can visit the client’s place of business that very same day for prompt, personal service.
  1. A well-functioning payroll management system can make a small business more attractive to potential investors. Consistent compliance with tax regulations and satisfied employees are highly valued assets in the eyes of investors, potential buyers, and even banks. Having a local provider brings confidence and peace of mind to all parties involved. Reliant Payroll Services is the trusted payroll and HR solution provider in Acadiana.
  1. When entrepreneurs free up time and resources spent on payroll management, they are empowered to focus on strategies to grow their business. Being a locally owned and operated business means Reliant Payroll Services has a vital interest in the growth and success of area businesses. This vested interest in the local economy translates into excellent customer service, conscientious fulfillment, and a sense of unity with the community and other small businesses.

Small businesses often face payroll tax deposit deadlines and confusion. Reliant guarantees that payroll taxes will be calculated accurately and deposited on time. Headaches dealing with IRS related payroll issues are a thing of the past. This local payroll company handles those long-distance calls and paperwork. To Reliant Payroll, a small business owner is more than just a number. People can stop dealing with faceless national corporations and start working with a local business that genuinely cares.

Reliant Payroll is a local payroll service company created specifically to help small businesses avoid the common pitfalls involved with processing payroll in-house. Reliant Payroll provides the following services: automatic taxes, online and mobile payment, bookkeeping, new business kits, FICA tip credit, checks and direct deposit, and payroll and tax reports.


For more information about payroll services for small businesses, contact Reliant Payroll Services by phone at 1 (337) 347-6657. To obtain a quote, visit the website at

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