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Local Payroll Company Provides Payroll Services and Support for Small Businesses

Reliant Payroll Services is a local payroll service company built specifically for small businesses in Acadiana. With Reliant, there are no more calls to overseas customer service reps when experiencing payroll processing issues. The Reliant customer service center is located in Lafayette, LA. Reliant Payroll offers printed check delivery services along with direct deposit setup.

Small businesses often face payroll tax deposit deadlines and confusion. Reliant guarantees that payroll taxes will be calculated accurately and deposited on time. Headaches dealing with IRS related payroll issues are no more. This local payroll company handles those long-distance calls and paperwork. To Reliant Payroll, a small business owner is more than just a number. People can stop dealing with faceless national corporations and start working with a local business that genuinely cares.

Personal service is a key feature of Reliant Payroll Services. Unlike their competitors, they take care of each client on a personal level. They understand that every business has unique needs. That is why Reliant Payroll visits businesses in person to handle the entire set up. Once the payroll is set up and running smoothly, Reliant is never more than a phone call away to handle any questions clients might have.

Reliant Payroll is well aware that clients need to focus on training employees or keeping an eye out for the next big thing in their respective industries. In short, they have more important things than payroll to be handling for their business.  Being from Lafayette, the Reliant team also understands how important it is to spend time with family, eat good food, and just relax. By entrusting payroll and tax matters to Reliant Payroll Services, clients can stop worrying about payroll taxes and get back to the things they love.

Reliant Payroll Services is providing peace of mind and efficiency to many Lousiana small businesses. A Reliant client wrote in a five-star review, “Switching from in-house payroll processing to Reliant Payroll was a wise decision. The set-up process was fast and easy. Entering payroll takes only a few minutes, and adding new employees is quick and simple. No more worries about employment tax report deadlines, Reliant takes care of all of that! Whenever I have a question, Aaron is quick to respond, informative, and very friendly! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Aaron Hebert and Reliant to anyone. This service has saved us so much in productivity that it truly pays for itself.”

Reliant Payroll is a local payroll service company built specifically to help small businesses in Acadiana avoid the common pitfalls involved with processing payroll in-house. Reliant Payroll provides the following services: automatic taxes, online and mobile payment, bookkeeping, new business kits, FICA tip credit, checks and direct deposit, and payroll and tax reports. 


For more information about payroll services, contact Reliant Payroll Services by phone at 1 (337) 347-6657. To obtain a quote, visit the website at

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